Legends of Norrath Tactic Card

Blind Side

Inline_Icon_Sword.pngReady one of your abilities.

Why strike where your opponent expects you to when you can easily take him unawares?

  Illus.: Scott Downey
See Expansion Checklist for a list of all cards in this expansion.

Blindside is a marvelous way to surprise your opponent, especially if you have cards in play with special abilities when they exert! With this card you can un-exert him and "play it again, Sam".

Combination Alert
Archetype: Mage Alignment: Neutral
This card, when played with others as follows, form a powerful combination:

This is a field-clearer. Make sure you have 4 Blindsides in your hand so you can burn the field over and over anytime your opponent starts fielding more units than you are happy with, then when you reach the endgame, destroy your Fiery Inferno to deal 3 to your opponent's avatar making this an excellent kill-shot.

  • During any combat, Exert Fiery Inferno and deal 1 damage to all opposing combatants.
  • Wanna do it again?
    • Play Blindside (no cost) to ready Fiery Inferno, then burn them all again.
  • And finally, the coup de gras:
    • Pay 8 power, destroy Fiery Inferno, and deal 3 damage to all opposing avatars and units.
Credits: Revel at kitsdb
Combination Alert
Archetype: Scout Alignment: Neutral
This card, when played with others as follows, form a powerful combination:

Like the Blindside/Fiery Inferno combo, this is a great way to pound your opponent as often as possible.

  • Do everything you cam to force your opponent to exert his avatar. When he does:
    1. Pop Assail on him and attack!
    2. Use Blindside to re-ready Assail.
    3. Then, when combat is done, do it again!

Low-power attacks such as Pierce and Sap, and weapons like Fire Crafted Belt, can add to this combination and really keep up the pressure. Cards such as Bleeder's Talent, Vicious Flurry, Gouge, Triple Shot, and Caress of the Specter should make short work of your adversary.

Credits: Revel at kitsdb

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