Legends of Norrath Ability Card
Icon Priest Shadow



When you play this ability, deal 1 damage to your avatar and gain 1 power. Inline_Icon_Shadow.pngGain 2 power instead.

"Nuttin' free. Good shaman pay for majik, even wit' blood!" --Kaglari, Troll Shaman Guildleader, Grobb

  Illus.: Kieran Yanner
See Expansion Checklist for a list of all cards in this expansion.
Combination Alert
Archetype: Priest Alignment: Shadow
This card, when played with others as follows, form a powerful combination:

This is a 2 turn move, really only doable in your first 2 turns:

  1. Turn 1 Main Phase: Play Cannibalize to the Abilities area. Exert it, deal 1 damage to your avatar and gain 1 power. Now you have 4 power so play Flowing Black Silk Sash to your Items area.
  2. Turn 2 Quest Phase: Apply Cannibalize to the quest and exert Flowing Black Silk Sash to finish this level 2 quest with a level 1 ability and you get to draw two cards.
Credits: PeekItUp at kitsdb

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