Legends of Norrath Tactic Card
Icon Scout

False Bravado

Inline_Icon_Sword.pngInline_Icon_Shield.pngTake one of your items into your hand.

See? I'm unarmed. Totally helpless.

  Illus.: Derek Herring
See Expansion Checklist for a list of all cards in this expansion.

Card of the Week: False Bravado by Chuck "Shocho" Kallenbach

It's true, you don't hear a lot of players asking for tactics that put their items back into their hands. Scouts, however, are clever folks. They like skullduggery and combat tricks. Playing a Scout deck is not about winning and losing, it's about how much style you show off while you're playing. Okay honestly, that winning and losing thing, still pretty important...

Obviously, since this is a tactic card, works well with the Hidden keyword. You can play your item that has the Hidden keyword as a combat action, at the same time that you could play a tactic. Scouts have two Hidden weapons all their own, and the ubiquitous Steel Dagger is a bonus.

Here's the scenario: You've already exerted your Steel Dagger for it's +2 attack. Play False Bravado and take that back into your hand. For your next action, play the Dagger again, and then for the action after that, exert it again for +4 total from one card.

Reuse your Tunic of Dark Reflection or Gloves of Agony, or recharge your Stein of Moggok. Sure, these ideas cost a little extra power, but sometimes in the middle and late game you have power to spare.

Any items from future sets that have a "when you play this item" action in their game text (like recharging the Stein) will benefit from this tactic.

False Bravado is one of those cards that makes you think. Players that invent ways to use tricky cards like these are the ones at the forefront of deck design. And who knows what kind of combos the next set will provide?

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