Legends of Norrath Quest Card
Icon CardType Quest
Icon Priest

Forging Stormhealer Armor

Whenever a player applies a level 1 ability at this quest, he draws two cards.

Vansted Rohenga's popular enchanted armor Assembly Kits require plenty of Gnoll remains to construct. Interested Human clerics should apply at the Temple of Thunder.

  Illus.: Kieran Yanner
See Expansion Checklist for a list of all cards in this expansion.
Combination Alert
Archetype: Priest Alignment: Shadow
This card, when played with others as follows, form a powerful combination:

This is a 2 turn move, really only doable in your first 2 turns:

  1. Turn 1 Main Phase: Play Cannibalize to the Abilities area. Exert it, deal 1 damage to your avatar and gain 1 power. Now you have 4 power so play Flowing Black Silk Sash to your Items area.
  2. Turn 2 Quest Phase: Apply Cannibalize to the quest and exert Flowing Black Silk Sash to finish this level 2 quest with a level 1 ability and you get to draw two cards.
Credits: PeekItUp at kitsdb

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