The Collector Info on the bottom-left corner of every card has a code that can be broken down as follows:



  • E is a number identifying the expansion. The expansion number for Forsworn is 2.
  • R is a letter indicating the Rarity of the card. This refers only to the frequency that this card will appear in Booster Packs and as In-Game Drops. Unless noted otherwise, all cards can be found in Starter Decks, Booster Packs and as In-Game Drops:
    • F - Fixed. Fixed cards do not appear in Booster Packs, nor as In-Game Drops. They are acquired by completing Scenarios, or in Starter Decks.
    • C - Common.
    • U - Uncommon.
    • R - Rare. Very rare.
    • EQ or EQII - Loot Card. Extremely Rare. The rarity code in the collector info on Loot Cards will by 2 or 4 characters long. Loot cards can be /claim'd in EverQuest or EverQuest II for loot that cannot be obtained any other way.
  • NNN - is the sequential number of the card within its Rarity and Expansion.

Examples: 2U47 would indicate that the card is the 47th Uncommon card in the Forsworn expansion.

2EQII1 indicates the 1st EverQuest II Loot card in the Forsworn expansion.

Print this page and use the Have Qty column to keep a hardcopy list of your collection!

Expansion #2: Legends of Norrath: Forsworn

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