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Barbarian Chieftain

You must find Kylan O'Danos, in the field with his Barbarian army, and convince him to speak to Firiona Vie.

Avatar Barbarian Chieftain

Basic Information


Kylan O'Danos (1A0)
Trait: Barbarian
Archetype: Fighter

Attack: 4
Defense: 2
Dmg Bonus: +2
Health: 8

Game Text: Whenever you exert this avatar for damage bonus, ready all your units.

Lore Text: Courageous leader of the Wolves of the North, he is ferocious in battle and cares deeply for the well-being of the people of Halas.

Illustrator: Derek Herring

Reward Card

Moon Shaman (1F19)


Game Start Lore

Once in Qeynos, Firiona explains the growing level of unrest throughout Norrath and that the latest of such conflicts is brewing in Qeynos. 'Someone has been stirring a war between Barbarians and Gnolls. This is not an isolated incident, as you learned in Karana. I am troubled -- is all of Norrath to be engulfed by war?'

The Wolves of the Norrath led by Kylan O'Danos have left Diren Hold and are heading straight for Blackburrow. Further, another army has been spotted advancing on Diren Hold.

'This war shall not be,' Firiona says. 'Oathbound, you must convince O'Danos to return to Diren Hold at any cost. If they cross swords with the Gnolls, there will be no stopping this war.'

You propose to get O'Danos's attention, by confronting his warriors if necessary. If you must fight the Barbarians, you will only knock them out instead of killing them. By showing O'Danos strength on the battlefield you will gain his respect and he will listen to you.

'But be certain not to kill O'Danos,' Firiona warns. 'If he dies, all is lost. And be quick about it! He's not a patient man.'

You arrive at Blackburrow ahead of O'Danos's army. Before you lies the vanguard of the Wolves of the North, Kylan O'Danos at the head of the host. As you announce your refusal to let the army pass and your demands for an audience with O'Danos, several burly Barbarians step forward, none too happy with your meddling...

Defeat your opponent by questing. If Kylan O'Danos's avatar is destroyed, or he runs out of cards, you lose the game.

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