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Chaos Ambush

You're led into a trap with two more Chaos Lords. Lucan pursues Laricel to rescue Firiona, and you must fight Hanafen.

Avatar Chaos Ambush

Basic Information


Hanafen, Chaos Priestess (1A0)
Archetype: Priest

Attack: 2
Defense: 2
Dmg Bonus: +1
Health: 9

Game Text: Inline Icon Mainphase Exert this avatar and remove all your level tokens at one quest Inline Icon Arrow Gain 1 power for each level token removed in this way.

Lore Text: Once a devout Erudite Priestess, Hanafen now embraces Chaos, her original identity hidden beneath her flowing black mask.

Illustrator: Derek Herring

Reward Card

Bloodlust Maul (1F6)


Game Start Lore

You rush toward Firiona to make sure she is all right. Before you can reach her, there is a flash of light that materializes into a tall Dark Elf. 'Not so fast, masked oaf,' he laughs, grabbing Firiona under his arm and leaping back fifteen feet.

Lucan dashes forward, his great sword raised to strike. 'Laricel, you spawn of maggots!'

Laricel dodges his attack easily, leaps quickly backwards three times. 'A little help, please, Hanafen!'

With a shriek, a fully-armored woman with a black headband leaps out of nowhere, bringing down a giant battle hammer that smashes the ground between Laricel and Lucan. Two snarling Chaos hounds leap in after her, growling and snapping.

'Two Chaos Lords!' Lucan cries. He turns to you. 'Oathbound, I'll get Laricel and rescue Firiona. You deal with Hanafen and her dogs!'

As he chases after Laricel, Hanafen turns to you, hefting her hammer. 'You've been causing us a lot of trouble lately, little whelp of the Tribunal. Why do you insist on being a hero when you know far too well there are no heroes in War or Chaos? There are only the living who are worthy to continue fighting and the dying who are unworthy of life! Which of the two will you be?' Her laugh is cruel and beautiful as she calls her Chaos hounds to war.

Slay your opponent or finish four quests to win the game.

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