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Scenario 3 - Cyclopean Chase

The Cyclops in Fippy's story was real! Droon stomps after and you must escape him to continue.

Avatar Cyclopean Chase

Basic Information


Droon the Cyclops (1A0)
Trait: Giant
Archetype: Fighter

Attack: 3
Defense: 3
Dmg Bonus: +1
Health: 12

Game Text: Durning each combat involving this avatar, he gets a +4 rune.

Lore Text: Droon was temporarily granted incredible strength and runic wards by Neesrat's arcane magic that have only been further enhanced by his instiable rage.

Illustrator: Derek Herring

Reward Card

Hamstring (1F15)


Game Start Lore

As Neesrat's dying words fade away, the ground begins to tremble. A massive, lumbering shadow rises from the plains like a mirage. A limb the size of a tree trunk lifts the broken body of Neesrat between two giant fingers. The dying flames peel away the darkness, revealing a fearsome face, yellow and wrinkled with sneering, rotten teeth, and a massive, single eye that reflects your small from in an enormous pupil. A hideous nostril sniffs the Ogre's corpse.

'Tiny bug break poor wizard man. Now Droon will crush your bones!'

The roar of the Cyclops shatters the early dawn. A massive boot rises from the earth and you leap away before it smashes the ground where you just stood. Never in your life have you seen a creature so massive, so fearsome. In your current state you can't possibly hope to defeat anything this powerful!

Your only hope is to somehow escape the Giant, but first you have to get out of this open ground where the Cyclops will surely overtake you in a matter of moments. As the morning sun begins to rise, you dash for the trees in the distance, where you can hopefully lose him in shadows...

Slaying Droon will prove difficult, so perhaps you should complete four quests to win the game.

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