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Defeat the Harbringer

Making your way to Freeport, you find that Firiona has been abducted. You leave the city with Lucan D'Lere to find her.

Avatar Defeat the Harbringer

Basic Information


Harbinger of War (1A0)
Archetype: Scout

Attack: 2
Defense: 4
Dmg Bonus: +2
Health: 13

Game Text: Whenever you play a card, heal 1 damage on this avatar.

Lore Text: This frighteningly intelligent monstrosity was conceived by the twisted magic of Rallos Zek deep in the heart of Drunder. It nests in the highest towers of the fortress and brings swift, cruel death to trespassers.

Illustrator: Leslie Minnis

Reward Card

Deftdance (1F8)


Game Start Lore

Rescue Firiona Vie

You return to Freeport to find the city in chaos and the Freeport Militia on high alert. A squadron of guards drags you to the Guard House. You are presented to a tall knight in heavy armor, Mayor Lucan D'Lere. As you enter, he addresses you in a voice that could have come from the depths of a well made of iron.

'Firiona Vie has been kidnapped.' He motions the guards to bring you forward. 'You are to blame for this. If Freeport's reputation is tarnished because you failed to protect that meddling Elf, I'll see to it you go down before I do.'

Lucan grabs a massive sword and motions you to follow. 'Come with me. We'll track down Firiona and slay her captors, or Oathbound or not, I'll drop your carcass in the sea.'

The kidnapper's trail leads into the Commonlands, and you waste no time following it. Soon you spot the creature carrying Firiona, a massive beast with the body of a man, the head of a bird, and one arm replaced by a giant spike -- a titanic harbinger of war! The harbinger spies you too. It lets forth an ear-bleeding shriek and begins flapping its wings to try and run faster.

'There he is!' Lucan cries. 'Don't try taking him by yourself -- that thing's blood is like tar and will only heal it the faster it moves. We must corner him and then strike him down!

Then he smiles most cruelly. 'Entrust some of your units to me and I will take care of things personally.'

Lucan D'Lere begins in play on your side. If he dies, you lose. (You also lose if you discard Lucan D'Lere from your hand.) The Harbinger of War is able to heal itself easily, so questing is your best choice for victory. Lucan's special action will help slow the Harbinger down.

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