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Destory the Rift

The Drunder Rift has been opened, and Anival the Blade stands in your way. Rescue Firiona Vie and defeat Anival.

Avatar Destroy the Rift

Basic Information


Anival the Blade (1A0)
Trait: Ogre
Faction: Shadow
Archetype: Fighter

Attack: 4
Defense: 3
Dmg Bonus: +2
Health: 13

Game Text: At the beginning of each combat involving this avatar, choose an opposing combatant, Deal 1 damage to that combatant and heal 1 damage on this avatar.

Lore Text: Anival's mighty blade was forged in the volcanic heart of Drunder Fortress and anointed in sacrificial blood by Rallos Zek himself.

Illustrator: Derek Herring

Reward Card

Rage Filled Gem (1F13)


Game Start Lore

The once-proud halls of Diren Hold have been ravaged by its new inhabitants. Ancient tapestries lie in tatters, and heirloom weapons are shattered and broken. The foul stench of brimstone overwhelms your senses as you rush down the stone corridors.

A curious rushing noise, coupled with a rhythmic hum, leads you to a huge chamber in the main keep. Dominating the room is a rift that swirls with dark energies, the source of these arcane noises. Through this mystical doorway you see another dark citadel -- Drunder, Fortress of Zek.

In front of the portal you see a dark figure with his back to you, standing before a marble altar engraved with the radiant symbol of Rallos Zek. Firiona Vie lies chained to the top; her blood stains its black surface. You are relieved to see that she still breathes.

Slowly, the powerful figure turns to face you, a massive Ogre wearing mighty layers of arms and armor. He laughs mirthlessly as he throws the dagger aside; it clatters on the hard stone floor.

'You have failed, puny mortals. You are too late. The Blood of the Pure is spilt, and the portal is opened. Some of our minions have already reached Norrath.' His yellowed teeth form a cruel grin. 'Chaos has triumphed. Soon we shall overrun your world.'

Lucan whispers an aside to you. 'Anival the Blade is his name, and he is a fearsome ally of Rallos Zek himself. I will attack the rift while you rescue the High Elf.'

'Your princess still lives,' Anival mocks. He draws a huge katana from a scabbard on his back. Taking it in both hands, he waves it back and forth. 'Try to rescue her or watch me slay her. Make your choice.'

You begin with Lucan and Firiona in play. Firiona is chained to the Marble Altar and if she dies, you lose the scenario. (You also lose if you discard Firiona Vie from your hand.) Defeat Anival the Blade to destroy the Drunder Rift and save Firiona Vie.