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Journey to Qeynos

Uxmar, an Oathbound Acolyte, has brought you a message from the Tribunal. You must find Firiona Vie and escort her to Qeynos.

Avatar Journey to Qeynos

Basic Information


Kesla the Sorcerer (1A0)
Trait: Iksar
Archetype: Mage

Attack: 3
Defense: 2
Dmg Bonus: +1
Health: 10

Game Text: Inline Icon Mainphase Exert this avatar Inline Icon Arrow Exert an ability.

Lore Text: This Chaos Lord bears a magical staff carved from the vertebra of a Giant he slew many years ago. His cruelty and barbarity are rarely matched by any of the Iksar race.

Illustrator: Michael Komarck

Reward Card

Fascinate (1F4)


Game Start Lore

After a short, uneventful journey, you arrive in Riverdale and find Firiona Vie at the inn. She seems surprised to see you, but collects herself so quickly you begin to think that perhaps you imagined it.

'So you are the Oathbound they sent,' she frowns. 'I hope you are as reliable as The Seventh Hammer thought. I have urgent business in Qeynos and no time to waste. Come, we leave at once!'

You lead the way down the path through Karana. Your pace is quick and you soon travel a great distance without incident, though at times you can't shake the feeling that you are being watched.

Suddenly, two massive hounds of Chaos burst through the forest on either side of the path, their two-headed growls jolting you to the marrow. Out steps a tall, horned Iksar holding an ornate staff fashioned from a Giant's vertebra. His laugh is rasping, like wind blowing through dry, hollow bones.

'The Great Firiona Vie, out in the wilderness with but a single escort! My Master will be pleased to learn of your horrible demise.'

'Your overconfidence shall be your undoing, Kelsa.' Firiona glares. 'You and your whelps are nothing before the powers of Order.'

'You will not be so bold with their teeth at your throats! Attack!'

Firiona Vie begins in play for you and if she dies, you lose the game. (You also lose if you discard Firiona Vie from your hand.) Slay the opposing avatar or complete four quests to win!

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