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Miragul's Lair (Optional)

A powerful necromancer lives in Everfrost. Enter his lair and bring him to justice.

Avatar Miragul's Lair

Basic Information


Miragul the Necromancer (1A0)
Trait: Undead
Archetype: Mage

Attack: 2
Defense: 2
Dmg Bonus: +1
Health: 17

Game Text: At the beginning of your main phase, take a unit from your discard pile and play it to a quest for no cost.

Lore Text: Once a powerful Erudite Wizard, Miragul turned himself into a Lich in his zealout pursuit of knowledge, trapping his soul inside a philactery. The Paladins of Praxus raised him back from the dead in order to bring his head to their master missing last line of lore

Illustrator: Kieran Yanner

Reward Card

Necromantic Orb (1F12)


Game Start Lore

The mystery of who created the Drunder Rift and why must wait for another day. Firiona Vie and Lucan D'Lere are meeting with their trusted associates to find out more. As you ponder this, you are approached by Uxmar the Acolyte. He comes to you with news from The Seventh Hammer.

Nearby, in Everfrost Peaks, a powerful wizard has made his lair, an Erudite named Miragul. Once a prominent member of the Council of Erud, he now serves the cause of Chaos. Fascinated by learning and power, he pursued the black arts of necromancy. Miragul created a network of tunnels beneath the frozen plain in which a veritable menagerie of creatures thrives. The Tribunal suggests that you investigate the situation and you agree. Uxmar is pleased.

You arrive at the necromancer's lair and enter the frigid labyrinth of Miragul's Menagerie, marveling at the wondrous artifacts their owner has collected over the millenia. Wondrous baubles catch your eye at every turn while magical tomes and lore-filled codices seem to demand you open them.

As you enter a large chamber, suddenly you see before you a dark wizard in robes of deepest crimson -- Miragul the Necromancer!

'Foolish mortal, how dare you disturb my research! I shall rip your soul from your body and cast it into an eternity of torment! Die!!'

This is an optional scenario, and may be skipped. Destory your opponent's avatar or complete four quests to win the game.

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