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Prayer of Forgiveness (Optional)

Escort Kylan O'Danos to a mountain altar, but watch out for Karg Icebear. You must see Kylan safely to his goal.

Avatar Prayer of Forgiveness

Basic Information


Karg Icebear (1A0)
Trait: Barbarian
Archetype: Fighter

Attack: 3
Defense: 2
Dmg Bonus: +2
Health: 16

Game Text: Frenzy Whenever this avatar begins combat against a defending avatar, you get +1 total attack. All your animals get +1 damage bonus.

Lore Text: Once a loyal ally of the Wolves of the North, he now lives in exile deep in Everfrost. He deftly wields his gigantic Zweihander in combat and is aided by his powerful pet Ice Bear.

Illustrator: Derek Herring

Reward Card

Glacier Bear (1F18)


Game Start Lore

You return to find Firiona has finished negotiations with Kylan O'Danos. After chastising the Barbarians for being treated as fools by the Chaos Lord, she returned to Freeport.

O'Danos hails you. 'I have failed me clan by following the venomous words of that snake Gormung. Will ye join me on the path to Everfrost Peak 'afore ye go to Freeport? If the gods can grant forgiveness, they can surely grant ye solace from yer struggles.'

You agree to climb with Kylan O'Danos to the sacred summit of Everfrost Peak. You sense the mountain's awesome presence as you take in the twenty-foot-high drifts, stark gray rock faces, and massive pines shuddering under the weight of snow, the howling of wolves drifting over the bitter wind. Suddenly, on the path ahead, a tall, shirtless Barbarian looms before you. 'Beware, Oathbound,' Kylan growls. 'That be the traitor, Karg Icebear!'

Karg raises his sword. 'Halt, O'Danos! It be a long time since last we traded blows! What brings ye to trespass on me mountain!'

'Karg! This mountain belongs to all Barbarians and yet ye soil it with yer every breath! Let us pass to the summit or taste me axe!'

'Me left armpit be a better warrior than you, O'Danos, and it smells a might sweeter! We'll see how well ye pray to yer gods with yer head on a pole and yer corpse as food for the grizzlies!'

This scenario is optional and may be skipped. Kylan O'Danos begins play on your side. If he dies, you lose. Destroy Karg's avatar or finish four quests to win the game.

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