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Race Against Time

Heading for Diren Hold in Everfrost, you encounter a Clockwork Enigma. You must escape from this enemy to proceed.

Avatar Race Against Time

Basic Information


Clockwork Enigma (1A0)
Archetype: Scout

Attack: 2
Defense: 2
Dmg Bonus: +1
Health: 22

Game Text: At the start of your turn, deal 1 damage to this avatar. You may play cards of any archetype.

Lore Text: This mechanical monstrosity was transported from deep within the mechanical darkness of the Plane of Innovation. Its self-rewinding abilities and cruel fascination with tearing living beings apart to see how they work missing last line of lore

Illustrator: Todd Hebenstreit

Reward Card

Clockwork Talisman (1F10)


Game Start Lore

With the information you received from Hanafen, you race toward Diren Hold. The misdirection that led Kylan O'Danos's Wolves of the North away from that fortress has allowed it to fall into the hands of the enemy.

Traveling through a narrow pass near Everfrost Peak, you hear strange noises from up ahead. Whirring, clattering, creaking sounds echo from the walls of the canyon. Puzzled, you approach cautiously.

From around the next bend come several spindly brass legs supporting a mechanical construct, the likes of which few have seen before. Steam escapes from whistling valves as it moves warily forward. The machine is large and formidable. This must be something you have heard legends about, a powerful Clockwork Enigma. Atop the contraption is a rotating head and a rasping voice that chants over and over:

'Tick, tock, tock, tick I'm made of time, And you of dust, To go you want, But stay you must! Tick, tick, tock.'

You decide to make a run for it, past the infernal machine and onward through the pass. Surprisingly nimble, the Enigma catches up with you easily. You land a mighty blow on one of its mechanical limbs, but it stops for a second to rewind and repair the damage.

A quest victory might be your best choice. Destroying the Clockwork Enigma may prove difficult, but you might have a chance of slowing it down by heavily damaging it.

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