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The Gatekeeper

Now reunited with Lucan, you must defeat Laricel, the Gatekeeper, and her horde of Chaos minions.

Avatar The Gatekeeper

Basic Information


Laricel the Gatekeeper (1A0)
Trait: Dark Elf
Archetype: Scout

Attack: 2
Defense: 3
Dmg Bonus: +1
Health: 15

Game Text: This avatar gets +1 damage bonus for each of your ready abilities.

Lore Text: Laricel holds guard over the ravaged gates of Diren Hold, now a fortress of Chaos. He is prepared to defend it against any intruder, so long as he feels it is profitable to do so.

Illustrator: Leslie Minnis

Reward Card

Gargoyle (1F17)


Game Start Lore

Daylight is failing as you climb another mountain pass upward, ever upward into Everfrost. Finally, you see ahead the massive gates of Diren Hold. From around the bend ahead comes Lucan D'Lere, mounted on his massive charger. He rides to you and dismounts.

'Laricel is making a stand in front of the gates,' he begins, without a greeting. 'It would have been foolish for me to attack alone. The High Elf was taken inside when he arrived. We'll have to defeat him to save her.'

Lucan's demeanor betrays his selfish motives for saving Firiona Vie. Unconcerned for her welfare, he seeks only vengeance against the Chaos Lords who invaded his domain. It is Freeport's reputation he is most concerned with saving. However, as they say, the enemy of your enemy is your friend.

A chill wind whips across the plain surrounding the fortress and a heavy, wet snow begins to fall. As the sun sets, dusk deepens into a stormy gloom. The Dark Elf Chaos Lord draws forth his mighty sword Silvertooth, which glows with magical energy. Beside him on either side are massive Chaos chimeras snorting fire, oblivious to the frozen climate.

'Oathbound, I hope you're up to this,' says Lucan. 'You proved yourself against the Harbinger of War, but this is a greater challenge.' He draws his massive sword and shoulders his shield. With a snarl, he adds, 'These fools will pay for embarrassing The Overlord.'

Laricel begins with two Chaos Chimeras in play, but you have Lucan on your side. Defeat the Gatekeeper and gain entrance to Diren Hold. However, if Lucan dies, you lose. (You also lose if you discard Lucan D'Lere from your hand.)

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