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The Harder They Fall (Optional)

Free from your cavernous trap, you go looking for Droon to save the people of Karana from his murderous rampages.

Avatar The Harder They Fall

Basic Information


Droon the Cyclops (1A0)
Trait: Giant
Archetype: Fighter

Attack: 3
Defense: 3
Dmg Bonus: +1
Health: 12

Game Text: Each time you complete a quest, deal 2 damage to an opposing avatar or unit.

Lore Text: Droon comes from a large family of cruel Cyclops who are ever eager to avenge their fallen brethren in a horrible rage.

Illustrator: Derek Herring

Reward Card

Cyclops Eye (1F11)


Game Start Lore

As you stroll down a path through the green fields of Karana, you spy a robed figure approaching from the distance. He raises his hand in greeting.

'Hail, Oathbound! I, Uxmar, bring word from The Seventh Hammer! He summons you to Rivervale where you are to escort Firiona Vie to Qeynos on a mission of utmost importance.'

Uxmar looks over the hills of Karana, then frowns. 'I have also heard of your encounter with the great Cyclops called Droon. Enraged at your escape, he unleashes his frustration on the people of Karana. I cannot force your decision, but I trust you will remember your Oath cannot force your decision, but I trust you will remember your Oath and that you walk in time granted by The Tribunal. Should you decide to face this Droon now, I will send word to Rivervale of your delay.'

You can't let the Cyclops continue his rampage. You tell Uxmar that you will dispatch the beast right away, and then continue to Qeynos. You feel certain that The Tribunal would expect you to do no less.

The path of the Cyclops is easy to follow -- gigantic footprints mark a trail of shattered trees, crushed livestock, and smashed farmhouses. With every step, Droon seems compelled to unleash his insatiable rage on all of Karana.

Finally you spot the hated Cyclops, just in time to see him uproot a large tree and slam it to the ground, nearly missing a fleeing farmer. It's time to end this once and for all! You yell forth a challenge and Droon trains his single bloodshot eye upon you.

'RARGH! Puny is back and no hole to hide in! Now me smash you!'

This is an optional scenario, and may be skipped. Droon is mad with rage, but he's lost his runic protection. Slay your opponent's avatar or complete four quests to win the game.

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