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Through the Caves

Droon can't follow you into caves, but he's blocked your path. Defeat the Necromancer inside to find another exit.

Avatar Through the Caves

Basic Information


Syrina the Caitiff (1A0)
Trait: Undead
Archetype: Mage

Attack: 4
Defense: 3
Dmg Bonus: +2
Health: 10

Game Text: Whenever you expert this avatar for damage bonus, heal 1 damage on her.

Lore Text: Banished by her Vampire kind, Syrina now dwells beneath the dark forest of Karana, her hideous lair mere mockery to the terrible splendor of Mistmoore.

Illustrator: Derek Herring

Reward Card

Aged Bloodwine (1F9)


Game Start Lore

You make your way through the total darkness of the cave, drops of water plopping to the floor, their sound amplified by rock and shadow. You sense an open space ahead and soon discern the dim flow of torchlight. You gasp at the sight.

Hundreds of bones have been cemented to the walls to form grim vaults, mouldings, and archivolts. From the recesses of the vaults hand large black bats that occasionally shift and squeak. In the center of the chamber is a large throne of bone upon which sits a noblewoman, her skin like alabaster, her features elegant as death.

'Welcome to my domain,' she chimes, her exotic accent beautiful and strangely hypnotic. 'I am Syrina, mistress of this pit despair and all the land around it that night encircles. I was excited to sense your arrival. It is long since I have had the pleasure of guests.' Her smile is thin and bloodless and she raises a delicate glass filled with deep crimson to her place lips.

She gazes at you with her red eyes. 'But please do stay awhile.' She rises from the throne, and two decaying skeletons emerge from their grotesque sculptures of bone. 'As you can see, my visitors find it quite to leave.' Syrina's laughter fills the chamber as the bats stir into a screeching swarm.

Slay your opponent's avatar or complete four quests to win the game.

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