Walk the path of the Oathbound in the service of the Seventh Hammer as you battle your way through a series of Computer opponents.

Chapter 1 - The Adventure Begins

Having just sworn the oath to The Seventh Hammer, you return to Norrath to begin your work in the cause of Order. After several dangerous encounters, you gain your first glimpse of an enemy Chaos Lord with power equal to your own and the deadly Chaos Hounds that do his bidding.

Chapter 2 - The Black Burrow Ruse

Now you begin to take your place in the fight against the Chaos Lords. Firiona Vie explains their plan to you. The seeds of war have been sown between the Wolves of the North, a clan of Barbarians, and the Black Burrow Chaos Lords will capture it.

Chapter 3 - The Drunder Rift

Hanafen proves more helpful with information once you have defeated her. You must travel to Diren Hold, now a fortress of the Chaos Lords, to rescue Firiona. Not only is the fate of the famous High Elf in your hands, you also act under orders from Lucan D'Lere, who wants to make sure that Freeport is not held accountable for her abduction. From talks with Firiona before her disappearance, you suspect that there may be powerful forces behind these Chaos Lords and more difficult tests yet to come.

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