Legends of Norrath Tactic Card
Icon Mage

Shifting Sight

Inline_Icon_Sword.pngInline_Icon_Shield.pngExert all your abilities.

Students of the arcane navigate mystic otherworlds that drive most observers insane.

  Illus.: Kieran Yanner
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Card of the Week: Shifting Sight by Chuck Kallenbach

This would be my choice for the card that drives "most observers insane," as the lore implies. The crazy picture of a Harbinger viewed through an arcane lens is one thing. A tactic that you can play on attack or defense, that exerts all your abilities... Why on Norrath would you want to do that?

First of all, you might not be giving up a critical combat action to play this tactic. You could already be ahead in the combat and your opponent is out of cards, for example. So the 'opportunity cost' for playing Shifting Sight is situational.

Many players have asked why they have to quest if they have a ready ability that has a level. That's an integral part of the design which provides interaction and helps maintain the pace of the game. However, if your deck design finds this frustrating, we have provided several ways to get around this rule.

That's what Shifting Sight is for. Maybe your Mage has Celerity and Phantasmal Brilliance on the playmat, and you've got plans to use both of them. Perhaps there's a nasty bunch of units at both quests, ready to exert for extra damage. Plan ahead, play this tactic, and skip your Quest Phase.

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